TXD Dominator Series Pump


  • Model: TXD 7000 Dominator Pump
  • Maximum Pressure: 7,000 PSI/482 Bar
  • Plunger Sizes: 1/4”, 3/8", 1/2"
  • Output GPD/LPD: 73+/276+
  • Power: Air/Gas


The TXD Dominator Pump is available in single head. An assortment of plunger sizes and built in stroke speed adjustments are utilized to precisely control your injection rates.

The TXD Series Pump is 316 SS construction for corrosion resistance. This pump has many features which include but are not limited to, compact design, no return spring, no shuttle valve in the motor end, easy stroke speed adjustments via needle valve, optional gas recapturing at no additional cost and available upon request. The stoke speed adjustments can be easily made by turning the built-in needle valve and offers unmatched turn down ratio listed in Strokes Per Minute that range from 2 - 60 SPM. The turn down ratio allows for extremely low to very high dosing. Recommended supply pressures range from 50 - 150 PSI, results from shop testing has shown that 80 PSI supply is optimal. The discharge pressures range from 1,500 - 7,000 PSI and are based on chosen plunger size. 

Please note that ceramic plungers in all listed sizes are also available upon request.

Download Literature

Data Sheet_TXD7000 Dominator Data Sheet_TXD7000 Dominator (654 KB)